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Rakuten Pay



Based in Higashikurume City, Tokyo, in Tokyo’s 23 wards, Nishi-Tokyo, and Tama area
We provide services such as “light cargo, moving, long distance, charter”, “assembly work of office furniture, assembly construction of fixtures, solution work associated with office relocation, furniture fall prevention work”

My name is Kiraku

I’ve been applying for it since before, And now I can use Rakuten Pay❗️.

Now that QR code payment is possible, I❗️ think that you can pay comfortably to those who have been asked to work individually





In addition, in the application of Rakuten Pay, at the same time, there is a terminal that can also perform credit card payment, electronic money settlement, you can also apply for that at the same time.

So, since I had also submitted an application for that person, I was able to pay by credit card and electronic money❗️
(The following types are supported.)





I think that such a service is really convenient.

I also have to learn to learn and work hard to provide better service!And, it is thought .

Another thing, I’m also applying to PayPay, which is famous for QR code payment, but it seems to take a little time to review here .

To be honest, I don’t know which company is better for QR code settlement.

Gradually, I think that the path to which is good is coming out, but until then I think that there is no choice but to incorporate what can be taken in🙇 ♂️