Third generation review

Third generation review



Based in Higashikurume City, Tokyo, in Tokyo’s 23 wards, Nishi-Tokyo, and Tama area
We provide services such as “light cargo, moving, long distance, charter”, “assembly work of office furniture, assembly construction of fixtures, solution work associated with office relocation, furniture fall prevention work”

My name is Kiraku.

It was delivered in February, and this vehicle that Has been riding until now since then .

I want to write it a little because the feature of this vehicle is good place and a bad place has come into view little by little❗️


First of all, it is loadability.


First of all, the loading capacity❗️

Simply put, you can load twice as much as a normal light van, and you can load long loads and loads loaded on pallets as they are❗️

The hood part above the cabin is also in the cargo compartment, but because there seems to be not much strength, I was told to load as light as possible .
(I think that there is no help for it in the structure)

So, if you move on top of the cabin, we can load bulky futons and light cardboard boxes, and we deal with light materials❗️


The part of the hood is…


The aluminum panel of the cargo compartment is made around the height of the cabin, and the upper part from there is a hood.

As a result, the height of the cargo compartment can also be changed freely❗️ but because it is not something that can be removed immediately, it is a level that it is possible to change it if necessary, but it becomes a strength in the event ❗️lol


It also has a key!


The Kannon part of the aluminum panel (which is the part of the hatchback called in a light van) also comes with a key, so there is some security .

To some extent, it is not perfect security because there is a thing that it puts it into the desire to enter the worst because it is a hood on the top.


Runnability is…


Next, it is runnability.

Because it is a cargo room with only this tappa in a light truck, it is ❗️ to be bitten by the wind even if it says after all lol

I feel the wind from the side especially when I run on the bridge when Crossing the river or on the high-speed bay line.

Moreover, the wind from the front (does it say that it is a running wind?)The influence of the … is also terrible .

When I ran on the highway, I could barely cruise around 80-90km.

If you want to overtake or run at 100km, such as Shin-Tomei .

It is a high-zet track of four-speed AT, but it will be a way of running with stress and going back and forth three speed and four speed .

(Accelerated at 3 speed and pulled to 100km, and when it enters 4 speed, it slows down to around 90km, and the flow of the gear falls to 3 speed and accelerates)

It might be better to keep running at three speeds, but there is a worry of the overheating of the engine once, and the worry of the fuel economy to say the least .

We cruise around 80-90km ❗️lol


It’s fuel economy, but…


It is fuel economy, but it is not very good, I chose the four-speed automatic of the Hi-Zet truck.

On the lower road : l10-12km

High speed: l8-10km

I’m using a vehicle of the same body in the company of an acquaintance, but it seems that fuel economy is better because it uses the cary of Suzuki and the height of the hood is slightly low (about 10-20cm low) .

I don’t know if this is a difference in vehicle or the height of the hood, but the fuel economy is bad.


Thoughts on this vehicle


So far, i wonder if the place to be worried about is like this .

What I wanted to build up this body was that I thought that I would be able to greatly expand the possibility of light cargo❗️

To be honest, it’s not a big deal compared to a truck if you say the amount you can carry!

However, by expanding the genre of what can be carried, you can expand the range of work, and I think that it is possible to cope with a certain chance .

If you can meet the needs of your customers, please order us to come and visit us!🙇 ♂️