• 2018/11/21

New Kiraku Business Card

Remade points   Hello!! Based in Higashikurume City, Tokyo, in Tokyo’s 23 wards, Nishi-Tokyo, and Tama area We provide services such as “light cargo, moving, long distance, charter”, “assembly work of office furniture, assembly construction of fixtures, solution work associated with office relocation, furniture fall prevention work” My name is Kiraku This time, I remade the business card of Kirakurai.     As a point that I remade, I thought that I want to change the URL of the homepage listed on the business card to QR code . Perhaps, even if you look at the business card that contains only the URL . It’s good, I think that you can not get access in about there is a homepage . (Because the name is also complicated, the possibility of being able to search seems to be low, lol) Now, I can read QR code only on the camera of the iPhone, I want to have people who look at the business card even a little look at the homepage, I changed! When changing, the color of the business card changed considerably because there was a difference in the quality of the paper between the printing company and the printing company. Personally, I like the last one, but this time it became quite dark green! lol   How to change   Last time, I asked an acquaintance to introduce me from design to printing, but now I’m in an environment where I can use Adobe Illustrator.         […]