Tire exchange

  • 2018/12/02

Replace with winter tires soon

  Hello!! Based in Higashikurume City, Tokyo, in Tokyo’s 23 wards, Nishi-Tokyo, and Tama area We provide services such as “light cargo, moving, long distance, charter”, “assembly work of office furniture, assembly construction of fixtures, solution work associated with office relocation, furniture fall prevention work” My name is Kiraku This year, it is a warm winter. Since it entered in December, I will change it to the winter tire soon. Even though it’s a warm winter, I feel like it’s a waste to change it to studless. Studless tires have a lifetime of hardness due to rubber degradation, so even if the tires are not decreasing too much, they must be replaced regularly. So, if you replace it regularly anyway, in order to save the summer tire, I will replace it with a winter tire.         ⬆ After I changed one tire, I noticed that I didn’t take a picture. This winter tire is the one of the 2017 model year, and there is about 8 minutes mountain in the mountain, so you can still use bali. However, even though the age is still young, the block of the tire is quite stiff. It depends on the manufacturer, but even if the snowy road runs, I’m worried about how much I’ll eat the ice burn. Well, I also carry the chain, so I’ll wrap the chain in case of emergency😤     Speaking of chains…     There was a story that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, […]